Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ten Things

1. The supermoon back in November was pretty awesome. Even the boys went outside to check it out.

11-15 supermoon


2. Riley had his 6-year well-visit with Dr. N on November 16. Rory had to have his blood pressure and temperature taken too, just like his big brother.


Riley is in the 84% for height and the 57% for weight. He’s doing great! Oh, and they both got flu shots at this visit so hopefully we won’t have to deal with that. Fingers crossed.


3. A few surprise sleepy pics. You’re welcome.





4. Dana hosted a playdate at her house for some of the PK3 boys during the LSU-Florida game on November 19. Cooper, Brennan, Rory, and Colin had a great time playing together outside of school!


5. I recently discovered LuLaRoe and I am in love. Such comfortable clothes, especially their butter-soft leggings!

IMG_2902 IMG_3300IMG_3298 IMG_2908

6. Erin and I went to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Saenger on November 23. Our friend Stephen invited us to dinner with him and his partner Warren at the Palace Cafe before the show. Dinner was great; the play not so much. We loved the guy who played the Grinch, but the performance as a whole was just okay. However, it was fun seeing all of the Christmas decorations being put up along Canal Street!


IMG_2924 IMG_2921


7. Mom and I took QP to an early birthday lunch at Meril last Wednesday. It was so good; I definitely want to go back with Kenny.


8. The next day was Baking Day! Lizzie, Dana, Jayne, QP, Nola, and I knocked out more than a dozen kinds of cookies in about 7 hours. Oh, and Alex stopped by for a bit to help too.




That day also happened to be my nine-year wedding anniversary, and a bouquet of gorgeous flowers arrived in the afternoon for me from Kenny. So sweet. Love you, Baby!


9. The boys coloring in front of our Christmas tree and then snuggling up in front of tv. Oh, and we watched Prep and Landing together as a family on Monday night. I love that movie.

IMG_3141 20161202_164015(0)


10. Training update: I am in the middle of my 17th week of training. (Not many more left…..eek!) I had a really tough run at the end of week 14. I was supposed to do 9 miles at 5:1 intervals but I stopped around 6 miles and had to walk the rest. It was really hot out there, my legs started hurting earlier than normal, and I got really bad cramps in my side. But I finished.

IMG_2814 IMG_2850

I got a new pair of pants to cheer myself up. Then I got caught in a really bad storm last Wednesday and got completely soaked less than halfway through. The wind drove stinging rain into me the last 20 minutes of my run. It was so bad my eyes were completely bloodshot when I finally got home.

IMG_3124 IMG_2909

But then, last Friday, I totally rocked 10.57 miles, my longest EVER. I decided to go to Lafreniere Park, where there is a 2-mile jogging path. I really enjoyed running there; I’ll definitely go back.


T-minus 4.5 weeks until the big race…..ahhhh!!!


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish I could still get into the same position Riley's in, in #9. Scared to try.
Oh, and you KNOW how damn proud I am of you and your running. Simply awesome.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Friend you are looking so damn good! I am so proud of you!!!! 😍😍😍 ~Jackie

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