Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Friend-lympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics started last Friday, and our friends Josh and Amy decided to throw together a little Olympic-inspired friendly competition last Saturday morning. They dubbed it the “Friend-lympics,” and the games took place at Metairie Playground. The kids came too, and we luckily set up in the shade right next to a big playground.


Kenny lit the torch to start, and then we went right into the shot put event. Amy ordered a real 12-pound ball for us to use, and they even had a tape measure for true distance accuracy. Steve, who actually competed in shot put in high school, dominated the guys with a 36-ft throw, and I actually won for the girls with an 18-ft throw. So fun!




Then we did the 100-meter dash, which Kenny actually won by just barely edging out James. Rory and I came in last because when everyone raced off the line, he started crying. So I had to wait for him to calm down before we could head down to the finish line. But we made it!




Our last event was the long jump, which I think Kenny won too. We were also supposed to do something on the balance beam, but it was really hot out there and everyone was getting hungry, so we opted to go back to Josh and Amy’s house.


IMG_0317 IMG_0316


We hung out all afternoon and had a great time. I’m glad Josh and Amy organized a fun morning of friendly competition and that we got a good group to participate.


Amy’s already talking about getting together two years from now for the winter Olympics. I wonder if we could figure out a way to do some curling and figure skating…..


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