Thursday, August 4, 2016

School Shoes, Bouncing, and Tutti Frutti

After getting Riley from camp, I took the boys last Thursday afternoon to get their new shoes for this school year. (Rory’s first pair….I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone!) When I told Dana and Diana about my plan, they decided to join us. We met at Ponseti’s in Clearview Mall, and all of the kids got fitted for their new school shoes.


IMG_0027 IMG_0032IMG_0035 IMG_0029


School shoes purchased and in hand, we next treated the kids (all except Rory, who declined to participate) to a bouncing session. Riley hadn’t done it in a long time; he had a blast. He did leave the flipping to Claire, though; he’s still too chicken to try it.






After bouncing we moved on to our next and last stop: treats at Tutti Frutti. Riley loved the watermelon sorbet with lots of gummy candies on top, while Rory opted simply for a bowl of M&Ms. Why waste space on ice cream when you can just have chocolate??


IMG_0053 IMG_0055


School starts just one short week from today. We’ve been doing lots of things during this last full week of summer, in an attempt to squeeze every last bit of fun out before school begins. My last Summer Days post will be up in a few days!


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

Sniff. I bought school shoes for you and Jeff at the very same store for many years. Is that the SAME Mr. Ponseti who used to check the fit for you guys too????????? The pose of him sitting on the floor with his legs spread open is the same as I remember. However, my favorite pic is Colin, lined up behind Rory, for the very important shoe check. very serious.

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