Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer of Sustainability Dinner at the Aquarium

Last Thursday night, Kenny and I had dinner in front of the Gulf of Mexico exhibit at the Audubon Aquarium. I remember seeing staff set up for dinners and parties when I worked at the aquarium and being jealous that I couldn’t attend. So when I randomly read about a dinner at the aquarium on Facebook, I knew we had to go.


I asked Dana if she and Dave wanted to join us, and she didn’t hesitate in saying yes. We started out the night by the Caribbean tunnel, where a bartender was passing out fun pre-dinner cocktails.


Then we made our way into the Gulf exhibit to find a table. There were no assigned seats (and only seven tables of eight), so we snagged one of the tables in the back so we could fully appreciate the view. Two other couples ended up joining us, and it turned out Kenny went to high school with one of the guys. Small world. #nola





Dinner was seven courses, prepared by six different area chefs, and a wine pairing as well. Every savory course featured a delicious local seafood, such as pompano, squid, and crab. The dishes were all fabulous, but I think my favorite was the very first one, the amuse-bouche. It was a fish crudo, and it was so tasty. I wish I had taken pictures of all of the food, but I was too busy eating.



The four of us had a great time over the course of the three-hour meal. We also had some fun in the Gulf bubble before we left: I totally thought Dana and I would both fit laying down side by side for a cute pic, but I was wrong. Very wrong.


20160804_221219 20160804_220757


20160804_220824 20160804_221128


Then we decided to extend the night a bit by going to the Bulldog for after dinner beers. In hindsight the next morning, that may not have been the best decision. But we did have fun.


I am so glad we attended this dinner. By doing so, we helped support Audubon’s G.U.L.F. initiative, which focuses on making sure our local seafood is sustainable. I, for one, never want to stop eating it!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Eating fish at the aquarium seems strangely like going to the zoo for a dinner of elephant and flamingo. Just sayin'

Kenny said... Best Blogger Tips

OHH. . . is that what they are serving at the Zoo?? I wanna go! I've never tried either of those!

Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah, the pictures are amazing and clearly, y'all had a fabulous time and the menu was amazing; BUT it would have been hard for me to eat seafood with species swimming live all around me. Ugh.

Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

You don't FIT side by side. You sit high enough so that your butts each have a spot and your legs cross each others'. Duh. If you were only college graduates............

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