Monday, July 13, 2015

Another ‘Woods Summer Visit, Part Two

After our horseback riding adventure around the farm, we went back to the cabin. We had all worked up quite an appetite, but we went right back out after lunch. The oldest boys had done some fishing the weekend before, and they both caught big fish from the back pond.

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  2961

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  2966

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  2974

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  2986

So, since he really enjoyed fishing at the beach, Grandpa decided he would take Rory out to the front pond and give the real thing a try. He caught one almost right away!


Then I gave it a go. I must have hit a honey hole because I lost count of how many fish I pulled out of the water. It was lots of fun, and I was happy to provide practically all of the fish they needed for tacos the next night.

Rory and I drove back home late Friday afternoon, but Kenny and Riley stayed until Sunday. They had such a great time.

Nick and James had helped to finish the back deck (finally!) the weekend before, so the group christened it Friday evening.

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  2945 2015-06  Underwoods in LA  2955


During a rainstorm after lunch on Saturday, the boys kept busy with markers and paper plates.


Then they made up for the downtime afterwards by going to jump on the big hay bales. I think this is a favorite activity for everyone.




I got a picture of my two boys before they went to bed Saturday evening. So sweet.


Sunday was the day they flew Steve’s drone around. And Nick took a solo canoe ride in the pond.




Kenny sent me this picture of Riley on Sunday afternoon about an hour before they left. He apparently wasn’t sleeping but Kenny said he was just staring at the same page for about 20 minutes. He was SO. TIRED.


The two of them finally pulled into the driveway around 4:30pm and brought a surprise present with them: a big tub full of freshly picked farm blueberries. Rory immediately plopped down and shoved a couple of handfuls into his mouth.


The rest of the group stayed at the farm one more night and drove back to Grandma and Grandpa’s on Monday to recuperate. Tuesday was their last full day in town. They drove to the southshore, had a late lunch, and then walked around the Quarter for a little bit. Then the boys and I met them at Café du Monde for a beignet treat.




IMG_1616 IMG_1613



After that, everyone came back to our house, and we got takeout from Zea for dinner. The kids played while the adults watched the World Cup match between USA and Germany (GEAUX USA! World Champs!!!). It was a great night.

The ‘Woods flew out the next afternoon. They’ll be back for Thanksgiving, which I’m sure will feel like an eternity to Riley. He misses them so much. It’s times like these when I really wish they lived closer. But I suppose the distance makes their visits all the sweeter.

Only about 126 more days until we see them again!


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