Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Behind the Scenes (Again)

I’m baaaaaack!!!! Live Writer is working again. Hallelujah.

The first Saturday of last month found the four of us at City Park for another round of family pictures. Once again, Elizabeth of Little Fish Photography spent an hour with us, capturing memories.

2015-05-02 09.39.48

This time, we were by the Peristyle for our session. There was a shaded path between huge oak trees, a big pond (which luckily Riley did not fall into before, during, or after our session), and a big wide open space for the boys to run in. I worked hard to coordinate our outfits, and I love how the color combination looks in the final products.

2015-05-02 09.36.18

2015-05-02 10.09.02

2015-05-02 09.32.40

Like last year, Nopsi came with us to help out with the boys. He brought his own camera along and got some cute behind the scenes shots.

2015-05-02 09.33.56-2

2015-05-02 10.04.17 2015-05-02 09.59.582015-05-02 10.00.01-2 2015-05-02 10.02.17

2015-05-02 10.11.47

As well as a shot of my behind as I was leaning over Elizabeth’s shoulder trying to get the boys to smile. Lovely.

2015-05-02 09.43.36

He also got this great action shot of a goose taking flight from the pond. Awesome, isn’t it?

2015-05-02 09.34.40-2

The boys did pretty well, although we did have to pull out the Skittles at one point. I may have also promised Riley a new {small} Lego pack if he behaved. He came close to not getting it but he ended up cooperating for the most part.

2015-05-02 09.34.12

2015-05-02 09.54.14

Afterwards, I changed and headed to Jazz Fest with Dana, while Kenny let the boys play on the playground for a bit before driving to Baton Rouge for a crawfish boil at Uncle Steve and Aunt Jaimi’s house. A good day was had by all.

20150502_114114 20150502_114120


Come back tomorrow to see the pictures Elizabeth captured!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome back! And with such a picture-packed post! Such a perfect day for the photo shoot, and your outfits are, indeed, fetching.

AD#1 said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad your technical problems are resolved ... I missed you! Great post ... can't wait for more tomorrow! Such a well-coordinated family!

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