Monday, June 22, 2015

Star Wars Night at Zephyr Stadium

Riley’s Star Wars obsession continues in full force. He is constantly building new spaceships for his Lego guys, many of which he has renamed to reflect Star Wars characters. He has fully immersed himself into that world. Even though mean Mama and Daddy still won’t let him watch the movie.

So when I found out that the annual Zephyrs’ Star Wars night was scheduled for their game against Omaha on June 12, I knew we had to go. Despite the fact that we were leaving for our annual beach vacation with my family the next morning. The timing wasn’t the greatest, but I knew my boy would love being there. Especially since the first 1000 fans got a lightsaber.


Dana scored our family and hers tickets to the game. We got there super early to make sure we went home with lighstabers, even braving a wicked thunderstorm that rolled through right before they opened the gates. But our determination paid off: we are now the proud owners of three lightsabers. Riley was beyond excited. He even created his own saber holder by tucking his new prized possession into his shorts.




The rain kept coming down past game time, but we found things to do during the delay. Rory ran off and got completely soaked (as did Kenny when he chased him), the kids all ate a quintessential ballgame dinner of hot dogs and popcorn, and they took pictures with a few of the characters who were walking around.


IMG_1382 IMG_1374 IMG_1380


Once the rain finally stopped and the grounds crew pulled the tarp off the field, we moved down to our seats, which were right behind home plate. All of the Star Wars characters who were there (no Darth Vader, sadly) gathered around the pitcher’s mound for the first pitch, and then the game began.


None of the kids had much interest in watching the game, preferring instead to run around with their new lightsabers. Oh, and eat cotton candy. Or rather, in Riley’s case, smear it all over his hands and his face. He was such a sticky mess afterwards, but he loved sharing that special treat with Claire.


IMG_1391 IMG_1420


IMG_1409 IMG_1399


Rory got a bit whiny as the night progressed, so we ended up leaving in the 3rd inning. It was getting late, and Kenny and I had lots to do to prepare for our trip. But I was so glad we got to take our boys to their very first baseball game.


The Z’s lost the game 1-3, but Riley and Rory felt like winners with their new lightsabers. It was the first thing Riley reached for when he woke up the next morning; they even sat on the couch with them and watched tv while Kenny and I packed the car.


But then Riley insisted on bringing the lightsabers to the beach with us. One promptly broke the second day we were there and the other two work only when they want to.

However, I now know what Kenny and I are getting Riley for his birthday.

Thanks so much for getting us tickets to the game, Dana; we had so much fun with y’all!

Oh, and a very Happy Birthday to Nola today…..we love you!


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