Monday, June 29, 2015

Video Monday: Pensacola Dock Jumping

The boys did quite a bit of dock jumping on our beach vacation this year, but it actually took Riley a little while to get comfortable with it. He seemed scared at first. He ended up saying to me at one point on the second day, “Tell me no treats if I don’t jump!” So I did, and he jumped. Wonk potatoes.


Shortly after that, Rory started pushing his brother in, and that became the only way Riley would jump. Again, wonk potatoes.


We just couldn’t let Kate push Riley, lest Rory get upset. Very upset. Crazy fries.


Please enjoy these videos of our 2015 Pensacola dock jumping.

Happy Monday!


Kenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Definitely a Wonk Potatoes and Crazy Fries, but dock jumping was fun nonetheless!

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