Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sittin’ Handsome

Since Rory’s spit up issues have lessened considerably (hallelujah and praise the Lord!), I have been testing out his sitting abilities more lately.

Just like with Riley, I gave Rory a little Boppy help at first…..


…..and then he leaned on his big brother’s fire truck a bit (and looked mighty sneaky about playing with it when Riley was at school).


IMG_3248 IMG_3250


Overall, though, he’s doing really well.

IMG_3259 IMG_3264IMG_3265 IMG_3263

He’s still a little wobbly so I can’t leave him sitting alone yet, but his core strength is improving more and more every day.

IMG_3270 IMG_3274IMG_3275 IMG_3271

And I think he really enjoys his new vantage point: he even tries to sit up in the bathtub now.

Speaking of which, he’s supremely close to outgrowing his little tub, so it’s a good thing he’s learning to sit. I do believe we’ll be getting rid of that thing very soon.

Just cross your fingers that Riley doesn’t knock him over in the tub the first night without it.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks like he is sitting up pretty well. He is such a cutie- Hugs, Grams- loved all the picture of Rory playing with Riley's trucks ( reminds me of Paula taking Gay's clothes when Gay had left for school.. Ha!

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