Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rory’s Baptism

As if the last couple of weeks haven’t been crazy enough, I decided that this past Sunday would be a great day to have Rory baptized.


So my whole “let’s-have-Riley’s-party-on-location-so-I-don’t-have-to-clean-my-house” line of thinking? Yeah, it went out the window two weeks later. Oh, well. The house really needed a good cleaning, so I was secretly glad for the excuse.


Rory was baptized in the church I grew up in, Munholland. It’s also where Kenny and I were married and where Riley was baptized. The service started at 9:45am, and we amazingly got there early enough to take some pictures beforehand. There was even a customized baptismal banner on display next to the altar. Such a nice surprise.


DSC_5935 IMG_9171


Many of our family members were in attendance; in fact, I think we comprised half of that morning’s congregation! Thanks to Nola and Nopsi; Grandma and Grandpa; Grams and Bop; Uncle Jeff, Aunt E, and Kate; Uncle Steve, Aunt Jaimi, and Zac, QP and UJ; and Aunt Dede and Uncle Dean for taking time out on your Sunday morning to be there with us. We so appreciated your presence.




The actual baptism ceremony was just like Riley’s: the congregation prayed over Rory and then Pastor Gene took him from me, baptized him, and walked with him down the main aisle so everyone could see him. He did great!

IMG_9187 DSC_5949


DSC_5968 DSC_5970

Rory fell asleep in Kenny’s arms shortly after his part was over and remained that way until we put him the car to come home. Riley, meanwhile, was rolling on the floor and zooming two of his trucks around. Did I mention we were sitting in the front row? Yeah. Nopsi ended up taking the wonk potatoes outside to the playground, which was just fine with me.


After the service, most of the group came back to our house for a little get together. I made bacon ranch chicken in the crockpot, Nola made a kale and caramelized onion salad, and Grandma made a special cake in the shape of a cross. It was such a nice afternoon surrounded by our family.

DSC_6001 DSC_6002



IMG_9203 IMG_9205



Thanks to all who attended the ceremony on this very special day for the little one. He is both blessed and loved more than he knows.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, The Baptism was lovley and Rory was absolutely preious- Those dimples and smile lite up the room. Hugs, Grams

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips

He's so cuddly looking with those cute dimples and his ample rolls! You guys look wonderful friend!

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