Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Video Tuesday: Brotherly Love

There are moments…..


…..when I’ll look over at my two boys from across the room…..


…..and the scene I’m presented with just melts my heart.


Like on this particular morning before taking Riley to school, the big brother decided to go over and rock the little brother in his bouncy. And talk to him about what he was doing, too. So sweet.

Or yesterday afternoon when the big brother greeted the little brother after his nap and showed him the stacking cups.




Of course, there are also the days when the big brother hits the little brother in the face with one of his trucks or when the little brother accidentally grabs a fistful of the big brother’s hair and pulls, but I’d rather remember the sweet days.

Or the funny days, as in the little video below.

One thing’s for sure: many times when Riley climbs into the car after school, Rory’s face lights up when he hears his big brother’s voice. He loves him so much. We got to pick Riley up from school early yesterday since both boys had appointments with Dr. N. Here are their official stats.

Riley @ 3 yrs: Weight – 34 pounds (75%). Height – 39 inches (75%).

Rory @ 6 mths: Weight – 21.75 pounds (99%). Height – 26 inches (40%).

So we have one very proportional big boy and one very short and fat little boy. Love it. Riley also had his blood pressure taken for the first time this visit. It was normal (90/42), and he was fascinated with the whole process.


Riley was in rare form the whole time we were there, and the little one was incredibly vocal so I was supremely glad Nola came with me. We were there for almost two hours and all four of us were D-O-N-E when we left. But there were some awfully sweet moments between the brothers while we were there.




I am feeling the love between these two lately, and I am loving it.

Happy Tuesday!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Tres, tres cute. And cracks me up, Riley's "put the camera DOWN,"

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