Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Tree

I was glad we got back from our fabulous Disney vacation on Saturday because that meant we had Sunday to get some things done before Kenny returned to work on Monday. One big thing we were able to cross off our list was getting a Christmas tree. Nola and Nopsi went to get theirs right before we got home, and they saved us the trouble of deciding where to go.


Upon their advice, we went straight to Lowes and ended up purchasing the second tree we looked at. Nola found out when she was there that their most recent shipment of trees was from Boone, NC, and the one we got is gorgeous. It’s actually my favorite one we’ve bought since Kenny and I have been married.




We got it home, Kenny trimmed it to the height we needed (and in doing so we realized we got a really good deal), and then brought it inside to its designated corner. Riley helped, too.


DSC_0025 DSC_0026

It unfortunately took us another week before we found time to actually decorate it, but the three of us did it together last Saturday morning (oh, and thanks to Nopsi for coming over a day earlier to put the lights on it). It took an hour, we only had one casualty, and Riley loved looking at all of the ornaments. Kenny and I did too, considering we hadn’t seen them in two years. Riley even helped hang a few of his, and then he directed Kenny and I where to hang the rest. The tree is a bit ornament heavy in a few places, but such is life with a two-year-old.





Once we were all done, the tree looked absolutely beautiful. We’ve gotten lots of compliments on it from people who have stopped by since it’s been finished, and I have to wholeheartedly agree. I just love it. Now if only my gifts would magically wrap and place themselves under the pretty tree.


The rest of the house has also been decorated (thanks to some help from Nola), with the exception of the outside. Kenny has been working hard out there, and it’s mostly done, but the lights on the roofline aren’t working right so he has to figure that out. But there are wreaths and lights in the dining and guest room windows, a lighted wreath on the front door, and there are even lights in our two little front porch trees. It’s purty. I’ll post a picture once it’s all done.

I can’t believe Christmas is less than three weeks away! Has everyone gotten their shopping done???


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

A beautiful Tree for a beautiful family.. You are building great memories . Hugs Grams

Lizzie said... Best Blogger Tips

Doug really like the picture of Bean and Ken under the tree!

Your tree is beautiful! Well done kids!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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