Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baking Day and Breakfast with Santa

We started the typically busy month of December off right: the weekend before last was a busy one for us, with scheduled events on both days. Nola and QP’s annual Baking Day was all day on Saturday, and then Breakfast with Santa was on Sunday morning. Baking Day also happened to be on Kenny’s and my five year anniversary, and he had a gorgeous vase of flowers delivered to Nola’s house for me. Thank you so much, Baby!


As I mentioned yesterday, Jenn and Ita were a part of this year’s Baking Day, as were numerous others who stopped by throughout the day. But none was more important than the Cookie Bitch, of course. Nola said again that she was able to get so much more done with LPb’s help.

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Kenny, Riley, and I went over to join the fun once we had finished trimming our tree, and it was baby Kate’s very first Baking Day. Grams and Bop were also there for a bit…..they even snuck in a mini Christmas card photo shoot with their two great-grandchildren. The day was a big success, and Nola’s freezer is now fully stocked and ready to go for the holiday season.

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Then on Sunday morning, Kenny and I took Riley to Breakfast with Santa. The place we went last year wasn’t offering it, so we actually went to the breakfast at my high school alma mater, Mount Carmel Academy. It was good to be back on campus, but it sure has changed since I graduated in 1997!




Erin, Jeff, Kate, Grandma, and Grandpa came too, and although the day was fairly chaotic, we had a good time. Most of the activities in the gym were designed for older kids, but the breakfast was good, and there was a little train to ride out in the back parking lot, which Riley enjoyed.




Both Kate and Riley did great with seeing Santa, even though Kate was rudely woken up from a nap to meet the big man and even though all Riley wanted to do was jump off the gym stage. We should be receiving the official pics in the mail soon. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for springing for the two picture packages!



Meanwhile, Jenn and Ita didn’t fly back home until Monday afternoon, so they spent most of Monday at our house. Riley-bean sure does love his Ita. I had to bring the two girls to the airport while he was napping, and the first thing he asked when he woke up later that afternoon was “where are Ita and Jenn?” Sweet boy.



So glad you two were able to come into town this year. Perhaps the whole family could take the trip next year……you know Riley would love to see Eli and Popo too!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

It was a great, fun-filled, exhausting weekend, that's for sure!

Lizzie said... Best Blogger Tips

I just love Bake Day! This year was extra fun with my interns: Jenn and Margaret! CBI's as we will refer to them. :)

Those Santa pictures are really well done! The babies are adorable, as usual.

xoxo. LPb

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