Monday, August 29, 2011

Video Monday: Birthday Cake Smash

I will do a detailed and picture-filled post on Riley’s first birthday party, which we hosted on Saturday, a little later in the week. But for this week’s Video Monday, I thought y’all might enjoy a peek at his special day.

Cue the smash cake video.

(Warning: it is a little long.)

Happy Monday!


AD#1 said... Best Blogger Tips

How hilarious! ALMOST as good as being there!

Uncle Jeff said... Best Blogger Tips

I think I'm gonna start eating my cake like that. It looks so fun.

Also, I apologize for my commentary.

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

And the cleanup was almost as fun as the mess-making. A good time was had by all.

Trisha said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE the commentary!!! Looks like Riley had a blast at his party and looking forward to more pics!!!

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