Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Afternoon Outing

Kelli and I have been trying to get Riley and Jack together to play for weeks, and we finally made it work last Thursday. They came to pick us up for an afternoon out on the town.

First, we met Karen and Nathan for lunch at Nola Beans, a cute little place in Lakeview. Jack kept trying to steal the purse of the lady behind him, Riley threw some of his edamame on the floor, and Nathan was an angel. A good time was had by all!


Then, while Karen went home to get Nathan down for his nap, the four of us headed downtown to the aquarium. We thought the boys would have a good time looking at the fish and playing upstairs in Adventure Island. They didn’t stay by each other a whole lot (Jack gets around a bit faster since he’s walking), but I think they both enjoyed the outing.



IMG_2033 IMG_2063 IMG_2034

Riley was completely entranced by the animals in the Caribbean tunnel enclosure, and he and Jack both loved watching the penguins. Once we got to Adventure Island, Riley especially loved the green fish on the floor in the play area. He kept crawling over to it every time I’d put him down somewhere else!


When Kelli and I had had enough of chasing the two maniacs around, we went downstairs for one last look at the fish in the big Gulf of Mexico enclosure and then called it a day. We had two mighty tired and thirsty boys on our hands….they both kicked off their shoes and relaxed with sippies all the way home.


IMG_2067 IMG_2068


Thanks so much for spending the afternoon with us, Kelli and Jack; we had so much fun. Let us know when you want to get together again!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun day. What cute kids!

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