Friday, March 3, 2017

Nyx and Muses {Mardi Gras 2017}

Once again, I had the good fortune to be able to attend two really fun parades this Mardi Gras season: Nyx on Wednesday and Muses on Thursday. Kenny stayed home with the boys while I went off to see the revelry.

I tagged along with Uncle Jeff, Aunt E, Jeff’s co-worker Lindsey, and her husband Harry for Nyx. We went to eat at Maypop first (so good) and then walked over to the stands set up outside the Greater New Orleans Foundation on St. Charles and Lee Circle. Jeff’s company has done some work for them in the past, so they extended an invitation for stands access.



We arrived at the stands just as the Druids parade, which precedes Nyx, was coming through Lee Circle. Jeff’s and Lindsey’s boss Chris is actually in Druids, so we got to see him pass. He threw Jeff some awesome sunglasses.


Nyx finally got to us just after 9pm. Lizzie is a member of the Sirens, who were the first marching group in Nyx. So fun seeing her all dolled up and dancing down St. Charles Avenue.




The rest of the parade was lots of fun. Irma Thomas was the Grand Marshal, and she looked so regal sitting on her float waving at the crowd. We also saw lots of other people we knew, and I brought home three more purses, from my high school friend Virginia, Erin’s best friend Jenn, and Rory’s teacher Lisa.


IMG_5125 IMG_5135


IMG_5137 IMG_5127





The next night, I drove myself down to Lizzie and Doug’s spot in front of the Best Western Hotel on St. Charles and watched Muses with them. Tamryn Hall was the Honorary Muse this year, and she looked like she was having the best time.




The parade’s theme this year was Dr. Seuss, which was so cute. They really did a great job with it.



I had a great time with LPb and DB. And I ended up coming home with two shoes, one from my old boss, Candice, and one from a high school friend, Colleen. Hers is the blue one, and it’s actually decorated like Super Mario Brothers!

IMG_5198 IMG_5199


Two super fun nights, but I was just getting started. More parade recaps to come!


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I MISS YOU & MARDI GRAS!!!! 😭😭 ~Jackie

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