Monday, March 20, 2017

Rory’s Fourth Birthday

When Rory woke up on the morning of his birthday, he discovered that Kenny and I had decorated his place at the breakfast table. He promptly and firmly said he wasn’t going to sit there, though, and went straight to the other chair. I did get him to agree to stand next to his special birthday seat for a picture, but he refused to sit in it. So Riley did instead. Kids.


The boys did a little reading together before getting dressed and ready to go to school. So sweet.


Lisa sent me a few pictures of the birthday boy getting his crown and a couple of special gifts from his class during their morning meeting time. Claire and Lisa gave him a birthday certificate and a copy of The Kissing Hand, and his whole class drew pictures of what they would give him for his birthday, which Claire then bound together into a little book. Such a wonderful memento; I absolutely love his two teachers!











I got to bring a special birthday treat in for both PK3 classes in the afternoon. Rory chose Nola’s ying-yang cookies, blueberries, and tropical punch juice pouches. I got orange tablecloths and found cute plates with colorful dots on them. Lisa set everything up while the kids were napping, and it was all ready when I got there. Then when the kids woke up, they all trooped into the lunchroom to have Rory’s school birthday celebration. So fun!


IMG_5672 IMG_5674



IMG_5675 IMG_5678



When we were done, Rory and I went to get Riley from his classroom. Then we swung by the book fair going on that week in the library, where they each picked out a few new books. After that, I took the birthday boy and his brother for an after school Tutti Frutti treat. I love how Rory insists on having his M&Ms on the side while Riley piles everything I’ll let him have into the bowl with his frozen yogurt.




A surprise visitor showed up at Tutti Frutti as we were finishing up: Nola! She took Rory to Toys ‘R Us so he could pick out three things as gifts from her and Nopsi. They showed up at the house about an hour later. Grandma had arrived at that point to give Rory his gifts from her and Grandpa, and before long Rory had a nice pile of birthday presents surrounding him, including ones that AD#1 sent from Arkansas. He is definitely loved.


One of the things Grandma gave Rory was a wooden “pi” that she made herself and painted orange. So cool!


Rory chose Mooyah for his birthday dinner, so we piled into the car and headed there for burgers and fries.

IMG_5720 IMG_5722

Kenny read Rory’s new Kissing Hand book to both boys that evening, and then all four of us took some silly selfies before I rocked my new four-year-old and put him to bed.


IMG_5730 IMG_5732


IMG_5736 IMG_5731

Happy happy birthday, Rory. I’m so glad you enjoyed your special day!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great day for a great kid! Love what that school does for birthdays; so special. And I love Rory's face at dinner.
Orange Pi! Excellent!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

So stinkin' cute! I love that selfie of you two in his class 😍 ~Jackie

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