Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ten Things

1. Sleepy pics! You’re welcome. Also, Riley woke up on his bottom bed the morning after Kenny took this pic of him. He totally fell out.



2. A beautiful March sunset.


3. Riley’s impressive Lego dragon creation, Rory and his trucks on their sides, chalk happy Rory at Nola and Nopsi’s, and ninja Riley.

20170228_153222 20170305_104949IMG_5605 20170228_175524

4. Grandma, Grandpa, and Kenny took the boys to a reptile show at the Alario Center a couple of weekends ago. They both loved it, and Riley got to hold a corn snake and a ball python. He was psyched! Rory wouldn’t touch anything but proudly showed Kenny his plastic snake that he got at the show.



20170312_141928 20170312_142015


20170312_153322 20170312_153343



5. Nola made Rory a giant ying-yang cookie cake for our Sunday dinner two days before his birthday. He refused to eat any of it, instead going into the freezer to get a normal-sized cookie. Crazy kid.

20170312_185655 20170312_185658

6. When I picked the boys up from school on St. Patrick’s Day, they were both all decked out in green. Riley liked his green mustache so much that he insisted on wearing it to tae kwan do class that evening. And then they had a green bath in honor of the holiday.




7. Riley’s trap finally worked!


8. We had crawfish for last Sunday’s dinner, and the boys decided to play in the sand and the hose while we ate. I feel like this is foreshadowing for what summer will be like.





9. Uncle Bill and Aunt Elena are in town right now with the boys for their spring break. We went to Meril on Tuesday for lunch to celebrate Billy’s birthday. He turned the big 2-0, so we figured he deserved a cotton candy sparkler.


10. Riley and Rory went swimming for the first time this year earlier this week. I thought they were nuts, but they had a blast. They both shivered quite a bit when they got out so perhaps we should wait to go in again until it gets a little warmer.


However, I know that we’ll all be begging for that cold water come July. Blech.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

#4 - I'm with Rory.

#5 - I'm not with Rory. Eat that giant cookie!

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