Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015 SCR Oyster Festival, Part One

We spent the majority of last weekend out at Riley’s school fair, the SCR Oyster Festival. It was our third year attending, and, as usual, we had a great time. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend long, so it was a real treat to spend most of it outside with our SCR family.

Without further adieu, let the fair weekend recaps begin!

As one of the room moms this year, I actually had to be at school on Friday morning right after drop-off, to decorate Mrs. Allison’s class booth. We were assigned the Kiddie Fish Pond and were supposed to decorate the booth in accordance with the fair’s theme. Since this year’s theme was “SCR Celebrates New Orleans,” it made sense to have our booth reflect the Audubon Aquarium. Perfect!


I snapped each of the kids making their best fish face and overlaid those on top of pictures of species found in the aquarium’s Gulf of Mexico exhibit. I also put Mrs. Allison’s and Mrs. Ceci’s faces onto SCUBA divers. Katie made a banner that said “Swimming through Kindergarten with Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Ceci,” we twisted crepe paper streamers across the ceiling to look like water, and we hung the fish pics all over from the two bars across the top. Stewart’s mom Kristen helped us, and we got it all done in about two and a half hours. It ended up looking really great!



allison-diver ceci-diver




We took a break from decorating for a bit to watch the kids practice their fair dance on the stage. They looked so great up there and ended up performing really well the next day. (More about that later.) When they were done and had watched some of the other classes practice, Mrs. Allison walked them around to see all of the decorated booths. They seemed pretty excited about theirs!



IMG_3946 IMG_3948




Riley got off of school at 11:30am on Friday. Rory and I picked him up, and we stopped to get smoothies for lunch on our way home. Everyone ate and then took naps so we could be prepared for a late night. The fair started at 6pm, and we met Kenny out there once he was done with work. And thus our three days of fun commenced!


Lots of Riley’s fellow classmates went to the fair on Friday night. He had a great time playing with Claire, Jack, Samuel, Sarah, Connor, and Kolston. Rory had fun, too, loving all of the rides this year. In fact, I totally should have bought him a megaband like we got for Riley because we ended up spending a lot more on individual tickets throughout the weekend. Oh, well; at least we’ll know what to do next year!


IMG_3989 IMG_3978



IMG_3974 IMG_3991


Like last year, Dana, Diana, and I worked the last shift at the food tickets booth on Friday night. Bag of Donuts played again, and we had so much fun working together. Love these girls!


IMG_4001 IMG_4003


After doing an emergency run to Target the next morning for new jeans for Riley (who is growing like a weed), the four of us were back out at the fair just after 11am on Saturday. Kenny took Rory to meet our family by the stage, and I herded Riley to meet the rest of his class behind the cafeteria. They performed their dance to Glee’s version of “Proud Mary” at 11:45am.


For their costumes, the Kindergarten room moms decided to make shirts with an altered NOLA watermeter cover on the front for all of the kids. Shirley did an awesome job designing them. Then the boys wore sailor hats with “SCR” and a fleur-de-lis stamped across the brim, while the girls wore gold sequin headbands with red feathers. They looked SO cute.


Mrs. Allison was unfortunately out of town for the performance. However, Mrs. Ceci was there and stayed onstage with the kids while Kristen and I were on the ground in front. The kids really didn’t need to watch us, though. After all their practicing during PE, they had the dance down and did a super job.




Riley was in the back row first and then moved up front for the second performance. He got a little too close to Lola, but at least he smiled a decent amount while he was dancing. 


IMG_4030 IMG_4039


And then he then ran around in a circle and fell to his knees for his grand finale. Wonk potatoes.


IMG_4081 IMG_4082 IMG_4083IMG_4086 IMG_4087 IMG_4088


The kids filed offstage after a job well done, and Riley went to greet his fans. Nola, Nopsi, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jeff, Aunt E, Kate, and UJ came out to see him dance, as well as Dana, Dave, Claire, Colin, Diana, Jamey, and Alcee.



I made Riley pose with his two girls, and then all of the kids were off and running. They got in quite a few rides before we finally made them break for lunch. Our families stuck around for a little while as well, so Kate got to partake in the fun too before all of them left.







Since Alcee and Claire got there early to watch Riley dance, we made sure to watch both of them perform later in the afternoon. Alcee was first and she looked so cute as a monkey. PK4 danced to “They All Asked for You,” so the kids were dressed up as different animals. Riley was right down in front and declared himself Alcee’s cheerleader. Then it was Claire’s turn to rock out to “Proud Mary.” I can’t believe both of my boys will be doing fair dances next year!







Lots more fun ensued after the fair dances were over and continued when we went out the next (and last) day. Part Two coming up next!


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Still can't believe we got caught by a parade and missed the dance! Only in New Orleans.... Patiently waiting for the video.

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