Monday, November 16, 2015


We have been so, so busy around here lately, so I was very grateful for an opportunity to get away for a long weekend. The boys were in the capable hands of Kenny and Grandma while I winged my way to Wilmington for some quality time with Jackie. Check out the super cool “smoke cloud” that I spotted on my way there. So neat!


Once I got into town, I hung with Jackie at her office while she finished up some work, and then it was all fun the rest of the weekend. We ate a great {new to me} place on Market Street called Fork and Cork then hit up Blue Post for another few rounds. The mirror in the bathroom there also told us we’re pretty. So nice.



IMG_3873 IMG_3870 IMG_3871



We had a great brunch the next morning at Sweet and Savory before heading to Wrightsville Beach to dip our toes in the Atlantic. Very chilly, but there were lots of surfers out there regardless. There are some hardcore people who live in Wilmington: I remember lots of surfers braving the water when it snowed one winter when I was in school. Nuts!






Next we visited the campus of my grad school alma mater, UNCW. It astounded me how much campus has changed since the last time I was there. There are multiple traffic lights now! And tons of new buildings! And a parking garage! And so many more dorms and apartments! And a huge, gorgeous new student center! I was blown away and thus spent much of our drive around campus with my mouth hanging open. I did have Jackie snap this pic of me in front of the fountain, though. This is the same spot where Kenny and I took a pic when I moved up there in August 2002. Look how young we were!



We stopped in the bookstore so I could pick up a new t-shirt, and I was surprised to find a purple and gold option. I was tempted to get it but didn’t want to confuse my LSU and UNCW roots, so I opted for the traditional teal and white. Feel the teal!


I flew back home on Monday feeling fairly refreshed and recharged. It was a super quick trip, but we had a great time. And it came at the right moment: I knew things would be pretty crazy once I got back (Hence the reason for only one post last week…..sorry!). My birthday was last Thursday and Riley’s school fair was last weekend. Those fun recaps coming up later this week!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

It was the perfect recharge for me too! I miss you so, thank you for the visit! Hurry up February =) ~ Jackie

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