Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Star Wars Halloween Weekend

Halloween was a little screwy this year, on account of a massive line of thunderstorms moving through our area on Halloween night. The bad weather prompted many parishes to suggest trick-or-treating on Friday night instead; however, that was the night scheduled for the annual Boo Bash at Riley’s school, which he always looks forward to. Additionally, Kelli and Steve decided not to host their usual Halloween party, and Nola and Nopsi moved theirs to Friday.

As I said, things were a little screwy.

I picked Riley up from school on Friday, and we went to Nola and Nopsi’s house to hang out until we needed to get ready for Boo Bash. Not surprisingly, we were all about Star Wars this year. Riley was Darth Vader and Rory was Yoda.



We went storebought for Riley’s costume, but I DIYed Rory’s. I know I’m biased, but he looked so damn cute. Nopsi helped me make the hat out of green felt and cardstock (thanks, Nopsi!), and I cut the shoe covers out of felt and attached them to his tennis shoes with a brown pipe cleaner. I dressed him in a pair of brown pants (the same ones he wore last year as Shaggy) and a brown tshirt. I also added a tan men’s t-shirt cut up the middle as a robe. I belted the robe closed with some rope borrowed from Nopsi, and voila! The cutest Yoda ever. He even left his hat on way longer than I thought he would.


Kenny and I matched the theme, but we didn’t really dress up as anything specific. I got a Millennium Falcon t-shirt for him to wear and a C3PO/R2D2 t-shirt for me. Plus I decided to do my hair in Princess Leia buns. I loved our little Star Wars family.


We were able to spend about an hour at Nola and Nopsi’s party before heading to school. That meant we saw Uncle Jeff, Aunt E, Kate, Kel-Kel, and Skeets. Kate looked so pretty dressed up as Snow White.


We were a bit late getting to Boo Bash, so we had to scramble to get everything set up before kids started coming around asking for candy. Once again, we shared a spot with Dana’s family and with Diana’s family. Lots of Riley’s fellow kindergarten classmates were there, and the kids all had a great time running around together all night.








Rory ended up doing more trick-or-treating around the parking lot than Riley did. Riley begrudgingly went around one full circuit before declaring himself done. But boy did he put some candy away that night. I lost track of how much sugar he consumed. At least he ran a lot of it off playing with his friends.



After a really fun Friday night, we took it easy on Halloween day. The rain started just before 11am and didn’t quit until Monday morning. The kids got much-needed and long naps on Saturday afternoon, and we had a plan in place when they woke up. We decided we couldn’t just stay home on Halloween night, so we donned our costumes once again and headed to Josh and Amy’s for their party.








The kids were up late two nights in a row, but they had a great time playing with the other kids at the party. Tim and Meghana even brought the twins, and Riley had a really cute interaction with Arthi. Even if he really was teasing her with his sucker.


DSC_0360 DSC_0374


DSC_0399 DSC_0396


We also celebrated Melissa’s birthday (which actually is October 31) and met her new daughter, Kate. She’s so cute!

DSC_0412 IMG_3804

And the kids had a pretty epic dance party. Hayden and Grant were throwing out great moves, Maddie and Kennedy were shaking it, and Riley was just excited that he found two additions to his costume. Darth Vader suddenly became Witch Vader. I love how wonky he is.






It was a great night with friends; I’m so glad we went. I let my hair down when we got home, the boys put some laundry away, Kenny honored Riley’s request for tickle monster, and then everyone went to bed.


IMG_3827 IMG_3829


Hope y’all’s Halloween was as much fun as ours was!

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