Monday, September 14, 2015

Two and a Half Years {Rory}

Rory is halfway to three today! At two and a half years old, he weighs 31 pounds and stands about 36 inches tall. He wears size 2T clothes, a size 6 diaper, and a size 8 shoe.

Here are a few notable things from the past 6 months:

  • He is still a pickier eater than his brother was at this age, but Riley is giving him a run for his money in that department. However, they both eat pretty well. And Rory definitely likes using utensils more than Riley does.
  • He takes a good nap just about every day, sleeping for at least 2 hours. And he is in his bed by 7:30 most nights and sleeps until 6am or later. We are so blessed to have two good sleepers!
  • He is still not talking as much as he should be, but he does say “Mama” and “no” a lot, as well as a few phrases (“I want that,” “I don’t want to,” etc.). I know he understands and comprehends everything that goes on around him, but I wish he would just talk back!!!
  • He knows his colors and some of his letters and numbers.
  • He loves trucks and trains and books. He loves music and dancing around.
  • He is very attached to his lovey and blanket (just like his big brother) and he also has taken a liking to another small stuffed tiger since we threw his pacis away. I’ll take that substitute any day!
  • We have not really broached the whole potty training thing with him yet, although he has peed on the potty once or twice. But I’m hoping he’ll train earlier than Riley did. We shall see!
  • When he doesn’t get his way, he sits down hard on the floor and throws a little tantrum. But he usually gets past them fairly quickly.
  • When he wants you go somewhere with him, he’ll push you until you get up. And if I’m leaning over trying to work on my laptop, he’ll climb up in my lap, wrap his arms around my neck, and push backwards until I’m sitting on the couch normally. He LOVES to sit in my lap while he watches tv. He’s definitely my cuddlebug.
  • He has such a sweet and silly personality, and I am so glad he’s ours. We love you, Ro-Spro!

Two and a half years old!



Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a beautiful boy. Miss y'all. It was VERY quiet around here this weekend.

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

So stinking cute

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips

He also loves to hold my hand. He'll reach for it when we're on the couch watching tv and also ask for it when we're in the car. So sweet!

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