Friday, September 11, 2015

One Festival, Two Parties, and a Whole Lot of Star Wars {Labor Day Weekend}

Our long Labor Day weekend was packed full of fun stuff. Let’s recap!

Nopsi and I left the boys with Nola on Friday afternoon (Kenny picked them up on his way home from work) and headed down to the Louisiana Seafood Festival in City Park. Little River Band was slated to close out the festival’s first day, and Nopsi really wanted to see them play, especially since he missed them when they were here a couple of years ago. And since I grew up listening to their music, I decided to join him. They played all of their greatest hits; it was so fun hearing all of those songs again.




It was a great afternoon/evening, breezy and not too hot. We staked out a spot for our chairs and then wandered around deciding what to eat. We ended up trying the crawfish and crab mac and cheese, a duck po-boy, red beans and rice balls, and grilled alligator sausage. The gator was definitely our favorite; we even stopped on the way out for two more to go. It was that good.


The next day was Colin’s third birthday party at Kidsports. Dana had arranged the same set up that we had for Riley’s party last year: upstairs in the maze first, then downstairs in the inflatables. Rory didn’t want much to do with the maze, but both boys had a great time at the party. And check out Colin’s “cake”: he doesn’t like cake, so Dana got him a huge donut. So awesome. Happy Birthday, Colin!


IMG_2613 IMG_2614


IMG_2612 IMG_2618


IMG_2628 IMG_2630


After we left the party, Kenny and I blew the wonk potatoes’ mind. I unfortunately didn’t make it to Toys ‘R Us with Riley after school on Friday, but Kenny and I decided to take a trip there on Saturday afternoon. Riley was in absolute heaven. He picked out two Lego Star Wars sets, a Star Wars game, a Darth Maul hero masher action figure, and a Star Wars science lightsaber crystal growing kit. I loved seeing how happy he was.

IMG_2639 IMG_2641




The next morning, Riley woke up first and I got up with him. I convinced him to build the rest of his AT-AT, so we sat down at the dining room table and got to work. Nothing like putting Legos together with your firstborn at 6:30 on a Sunday morning. We finished just after Kenny and Rory got up. The AT-AT really does look cool; Riley loves it.




Kenny also made the Star Wars obsessed wonk potatoes happy by making pancakes with our new pancake molds from Grandma. It took a little trial and error for him to get the hang of using the molds, but the end result was very impressive. And tasty.


Our second party of the weekend was Sunday afternoon, for Maggie. Nola and I take Jazzercise from her mom Alex, and we’ve gotten to know her pretty well. Maggie turned 4, and Alex threw her a really cute unicorn party, although she did have to step in and help out with the piñata. Too funny.



There was also facepainting available, and Riley ended up with an AT-AT on his cheek. The girl doing the painting had no idea what an AT-AT was, but she looked up a picture of one on her phone and did a pretty good job at replicating it. Very sweet of her to oblige him.




We went straight from the party to Nola and Nopsi’s for Sunday dinner, where Riley was so excited to show everyone his finished Lego AT-AT and the one on his cheek.


Labor Day itself was spent playing at the neighborhood playground in the morning, playing with all of Riley’s Star Wars Legos after lunch, and then swimming at Nola and Nopsi’s in the afternoon.



It was a wonderful three days with my boys!


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