Friday, September 25, 2015

A Important Lesson for the Wonk Potatoes

At the end of July, Riley spent a few nights across the lake with Grandma and Grandpa. One of their planned outings was to Barnes and Noble so Riley could pick out a new book. However, they didn’t even get in the front door before Riley spotted something else he wanted on display in one of the windows. Surprise, surprise: it was a Lego set.

Only he didn’t want it for himself. He wanted it for Claire.

The Lego set in question was Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle. Grandma tried to redirect him, but Riley was bound and determined to bring that set home. After listening to a few well thought out and logical arguments from Riley about why she should buy it, Grandma gently pushed him into the store so she could at least see how much it was.

When she discovered the set was $45, she had to tell Riley that was too expensive. Although she agreed it was a very nice intention, it wasn’t even Claire’s birthday and to spend that much “just because” wasn’t her place. (Kenny and I totally agreed.)

Upon hearing that Riley lost it. Completely melted down. Grandma and Grandpa ended up leaving Barnes and Noble with a very upset wonk potatoes and nothing else. He didn’t even get to pick out a new book for himself because he was so consumed with getting the Lego set.

The rest of the weekend Grandma tried to get Riley to forget about it, but he was committed. So she told him that perhaps he could earn the money he needed to buy the set by doing chores. When she asked him what he thought he could do he said, “Walk the dog.” Hilarious, considering we don’t have a dog.

I thought there was a decent chance he would forget about all of this over the next few weeks, but no such luck. He asked every few days if there were any chores he could do to earn money. He watered plants for us, took out the trash for Nopsi, and helped Grandma with lots of organizing and cleaning out at her dad’s house.

Slowly but surely, over 6 weeks or so, he earned enough to buy the Frozen Lego set. However, he did admit that while he wants it for Claire, he intends to keep it at his house for her to play with when she comes over. He is certainly a man with a plan.

Grandma took Riley to Target to buy the set on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon he had the whole thing built. It’s actually really cute; the little Elsa, Anna, and Olaf minifigures are my favorites.


IMG_2880 IMG_2882


He even had me set up a whole “North Mountain” scene in his room.


Dana and I planned for Claire and Colin to come over to play on Wednesday afternoon, and Riley was beside himself with excitement. At first he wanted the Frozen Legos to be a surprise, but then he decided he wanted to tell Claire about them at school on Monday. When he did, he said she “jumped up and down with excitement.” He was so proud of himself for making her happy.




I’m telling you, once he sets his mind to something, there’s no turning back. I am so proud of him for doing all of that work to earn enough money to buy this set himself. I hope he realizes the important lesson he learned in all of this: hard work can mean great reward, especially if the reward is for someone other than yourself.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

By the way, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nopsi today! We love you!


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

This makes me cry for so many reasons: the lesson he learned, the perseverance and determination he showed, the unselfish, giving attitude he displayed, but mostly how incredibly mature this whole achievement proved him to be. Thanks, Grandma, for providing such a valuable opportunity!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so precious! What a good little guy he is and such a big lesson early, so great! ~ Jackie

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