Monday, November 24, 2014

School Days: PK4 Thanksgiving Feast

Last Friday was Riley’s Thanksgiving feast at school. I volunteered to help set up and clean up, so I got to see the feast live and in person. The first thing the other moms and I did when we arrived was decorate the tables that were lined up in the breezeway outside of their classrooms.


We covered the tables with tablecloths and added some fall garland to the middles. The kids all colored cornucopia placemats earlier in the week, and there were also special place cards at each of their spots: pinecone turkeys. And guess where most (if not all) of those pinecones came from? The farm! Grandpa was kind enough to collect more than 4 dozen for PK4’s use. Thank you so much, Grandpa!




Once the tables were finished and ready, the moms went inside to help Ms. Amelie get the kids dressed. They donned either a pilgrim or an Indian costume for the feast. They all looked so cute!



IMG_8164 IMG_8167


Unlike their PK3 feast, the kids each brought their own lunches from home this year. But they were treated to juice boxes that looked like turkeys, as well as an assortment of cookies for dessert. It was a picture-perfect day to feast outside, and I think the kids enjoyed themselves.



IMG_8188 IMG_8172



Since Riley and Claire are in different classes, they ended up on opposite ends of the breezeway. But I did walk him down to see her and to take their picture. They’re certainly the two cutest pilgrims I’ve ever seen.


After the kids were done eating, we lined Ms. Amelie’s class up for a group picture and then herded them back inside. Ms. Amelie read them a cute story (Riley’s request: T Is for Turkey) and then the moms left while the kids were let loose on the playground.



As always, I loved spending extra time with my boy, and I’m so thankful I have opportunities like this to do so. He is off all this week and we have lots of fun things planned.



Happy Thanksgiving week, y’all!


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely precious. What a great way to start my crazy Thanksgiving week. Having little ones around certainly makes the holidays so much more fun. Thanks for this insight into Riley's celebration.

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