Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Split Sunday

Last weekend, Kenny went to help his dad rebuild one of the docks at the farm, and he took Riley along with him. Rory stayed home with me. We all had good days, albeit very different ones.



Riley hung with Grandma at the farm for most of his day, moving logs, working on the trailer, playing on the boat, and such. Zac was there too, on account of Uncle Steve helping Grandpa out as well. My gosh those two boys are getting big.








On their way back that evening, Kenny snapped a pic of my cool dude riding home with the windows down. He also got a really pretty shot of the sunset over the Causeway. I’m choosing to embrace these photos instead of thinking about the fact that Kenny took them while he was driving.



Meanwhile, Rory and I occupied our day with Halloween prep. We shopped for various items to complete our family’s costume theme for this year (can’t wait to show y’all!), which included a trip to Party City. Doesn’t he look fetching?


We played after Rory woke up from his nap and then had dinner, during which he fed himself his kiwi with a fork. I helped spear each bite, but he totally put every piece into his mouth himself. Big boy.


IMG_7679 IMG_7680


IMG_7684 IMG_7682


IMG_7690 IMG_7698

Kenny and Riley arrived home just after I put Rory to bed. Riley stayed awake the whole ride home, ate a great drive-thru dinner, and was still a ball of energy when he walked through the door. He had a really great day, and I was glad for that.

We are actually planning a Farm Family Fun Day coming up in a couple of weeks, and I’m really excited to go up there with our friends and their kids and have a really fun day.

October is super busy for us, so stay tuned for lots of great updates!


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