Friday, October 10, 2014

A Spectacular Saturday {Audubon Zoo and Dat Dog}

Fall weather during the month of October in New Orleans is usually nonexistent. We don’t really see much of the third season of the year down here. All of the pumpkin flavored things have arrived, but it’s still in the 80s outside. Go figure.


However, last weekend was our first taste of fall. (Of course it’s back in the 80s now, but at least we know cooler weather is coming. It’s coming. It is coming, right?) Kenny and I talked on Friday night and decided to take the boys to the zoo the next morning. And we actually got there just 5 minutes after the gates opened! See what happens when we plan ahead? We should do that more often.

We let Riley take the lead, and he wanted to go to the playground first. We took a quick detour through the Discovery Walk area, where we got to see and touch a tortoise, a snake, a skink, a rat, and a guinea pig, and then we let both boys loose in the play area.





What is it with these two not being capable of smiling at the camera at the same time? I either get grumpy faces or scrunchy faces from the wonk potatoes. I can’t win right now. Perhaps in 5 years they’ll both cooperate.

DSC_3905 DSC_3904

Next we took a brief look at the orangutans on our way to the big tree. Riley usually loves climbing all over this tree, but he preferred staying on the ground this time. Kenny and Rory did a bit of climbing, though, until Rory freaked out and wanted down. And I found some really cool looking mushrooms growing out of the side of one of the tree’s branches. So neat.





It was near the tree that we spotted the zoo’s resident peacock, George. He actually followed us all the way to Monkey Hill. The boys loved that they were able to get so close to him.




Monkey Hill was a favorite spot for the little one. He didn’t hesitate one bit in pumping his little legs all the way up to the top, where he was greeted with lots of kitty statues. He gave the lioness a hug and then both brothers climbed on up. Cute.





On our way back from Monkey Hill, I told Riley and Rory to hold hands and run down the path towards me so I could get some pictures of them. And it actually worked!





We played a little bit more at the playground and then raced over to see the elephants before we left the zoo. Riley spent most of his time digging in the moss growing underneath one of the slides with a stick, and I noticed his hair standing on end because of all the static. Too funny.




We left the zoo in search of lunch. I wanted to go back to Dat Dog again, so that’s where we headed, fully prepared not to find a table in the middle of the lunch rush on a gorgeous weekend day. But the stars aligned and we scored a spot with no problems. It was such a beautiful day to be outside, and we were all too happy to continue soaking up the nice weather.




Bellies full, we went back home for late naps. Riley didn’t quite make it…..


…..but Rory was wide awake and loving the breeze whipping his hair around all the way home. Sweetness.

IMG_7673 IMG_7672

Such a wonderful day with my three boys. We’re headed to the pumpkin patch and out to Oktoberfest this weekend, so look for those recaps some time next week. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't stand the cuteness! Rory looks more and more like Kenny each post. Such sweet little faces! ~Jackie

Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

Where did you find that card that started the post? It's SOOOO me. And yes, I agree with Jackie Jordan; the cuteness is overwhelming and Rory DOES look more and more like Kenny.

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