Thursday, October 23, 2014

Birthday Party and Football Game

After a late night out at Riley’s school on Friday, the boys blessedly slept in a bit later than usual last Saturday morning. However, once we were all up and moving, the hours went by quickly. Before I knew it, we were on our way to drop Rory off at Nola and Nopsi’s and then take Riley to Alcee’s birthday party at BooKoo Bounce.

Riley still wasn’t completely recovered, especially after so much activity the night before. His appetite wasn’t back to normal either, so he was sluggish. But he perked up when we got to the party and he saw Claire and Alcee. They had a great time together.


IMG_7791 IMG_7794


Nopsi actually came to pick Riley up from the party; both boys stayed the night at Nola and Nopsi’s house. Kenny and I had somewhere else to be.


Kenny was given tickets to the LSU-Kentucky game by a work contact, so we spent the rest of the day in Baton Rouge. It was so great to be back on campus again; things have changed so much since we graduated. For instance, we didn’t fly drones at our tailgates back then. Alcohol and piloting expensive electronics probably don’t mix well. (Am I right, Scotty?)


Our seats for the game were fantastic: on the west-side 30-yard line about 30 rows up. We got into the stadium early enough to see pre-game, and the whole atmosphere just brought me right back to all those games we went to when we were students. So many good memories.





And look who was sitting just a few rows behind us….LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri!


LSU actually played really well this game and beat Kentucky 41-3. Kenny and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the Tigers play in person, even though we didn’t get into bed until after midnight.

But both of us being able to sleep in the next morning was absolutely glorious. Thanks for watching the boys, Nola and Nopsi!


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