Monday, January 27, 2014

Video Monday: Little Boy Laughter

Riley and Rory have been playing so well together lately. Riley actually requests Rory’s presence a lot of the time, and he is dismayed whenever I tell him that Rory has to nap or eat or have a bottle. So sweet.

IMG_4489 IMG_4496IMG_4498 IMG_4495

One of their favorite things to do these days is chase the ________. This involves Riley driving around his remote control dump truck or crawling around with his electric toy drill or “rolling” around Rory’s musical cube.


Inevitably, Rory will start to crawl after whatever Riley has, which Riley thinks is just hysterical. Rory gets a kick out of it, too, and he’s so cute when he takes off after his big brother, putting his head down, crawling as fast as his hands and legs will let him, and giggling as he does so.


The only problem is that Riley gets too far ahead of Rory a lot of the time, so Rory ends up stopping, sitting up, and looking around in confusion until Riley deigns to move closer to him to start the game up again.


There has been much laughter as of late, and I love hearing those two boys enjoying spending time together. (Yes, I put them both in the ball pit yesterday afternoon and no, it didn’t break!) Their giggles, screeches, and laughs echo throughout the house and fill my heart with joy.


DSC_0492 DSC_0499


Of course there has also been much mess in the house as of late, and I don’t love that so much. That doesn’t fill me with joy. But Riley has been a champ at cleaning up in the evenings before he goes to bed. And I also know a good mess is often a sign of good fun.


I had prayed that Riley would be a good big brother, and so far he is surpassing what I had hoped for. Sure, he and Rory have their not-so-good moments, and I know there will be plenty more of those to come. But they also seem to genuinely enjoy being around each other, a feeling which I hope continues for a long time.


Kenny took a little video of the brothers playing their new favorite game over the weekend, so please enjoy.

Happy Monday!


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I again love to hear their laughter- Hugs, Grams

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