Friday, January 17, 2014

Rory and Macaroni

Remember Macaroni?


It feels like just yesterday that we took that crazy trip to Baton Rouge so Riley could make a bear for his yet-to-be-born little brother.


But it wasn’t yesterday.


It was almost one year ago.


Which means it was almost one year ago that we first met Rory. Wow.


Those early days were really hard, but we are now a solid family of four. And it kind of feels like it’s always been that way. I can’t imagine life without the little one.


Macaroni has been a permanent presence in Rory’s crib since before he was even born.


And now that Rory is really moving himself around these days, I find Macaroni in various places when I go in to get Rory in the mornings or after a nap.


But on this particular morning, with just a little encouragement from me, Rory was very sweet with Macaroni, giving him kisses and hugs and just generally loving on him.


Macaroni is very special, and I think the little one knows it. The bear sort of symbolizes us moving from a family of three to a family of four, and I love that Riley picked him out especially for his baby brother.

Even if I did want him to choose a different bear at first.

Sorry, Macaroni. You know I love you.


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tres cute!

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