Thursday, January 9, 2014

McFs Holiday Visit, Plus One

The four McFs came into town a few days after Christmas for their customary holiday visit. Only this time there was one more person tagging along with them, Margaret’s boyfriend Daniel.


We of course did a lot while they were in town. We had 5 Happiness at QP’s the first night, and the three teenagers went to the Saints game the next day. Then we had lunch at Company Burger on Monday (Aunt Lizzie joined us too!), after which we took our streetcar ride. So Riley and I had some company. :)

photo (1)


IMG_4260 IMG_4263


Our most fun outing was when we went to a quintessential New Orleans dinner at Mr. B’s on Monday night. We had a wonderful time there: Popo was pleasantly surprised with our restaurant choice, Daniel is now in love with New Orleans-style BBQ shrimp, and Jenn and I made a new friend in our waiter Kevin. He was fabulous. So much fun.

IMG_4261 IMG_4265IMG_4266 IMG_4264


The three teenagers slept at our house that night, Margaret and Daniel spent NYE in the Quarter, and we gathered on New Year’s Day at Nola and Nopsi’s to watch LSU beat Iowa in the Outback Bowl.

photo (1)

IMG_4297 IMG_4298

The McFs were having such a good time that they actually extended their trip an extra day. We had one last meal together at Liuzza’s on Thursday for lunch and then said our reluctant goodbyes. They left super early the next morning and arrived back home late that evening.

Miss y’all. Please come back soon!


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