Monday, January 2, 2012

Video Monday: Little Drummer Boy

As many of you know, Kenny used to play drums when he was younger. His parents gave him a drum set many, many years ago, and the set happens to be put together in Kenny’s grandparents’ house, where we were for Christmas Day with his family. So of course Kenny took the opportunity to introduce his son to drumming on real drums.


However, it wasn’t long before he had Riley up on that stool all by himself, a drumstick firmly clutched in each hand.

IMG_3803 IMG_3807

And guess what? The boy loved it. He did not want to get down, and he probably would have “played” for hours if we had let him. Sadly, we did have to leave on account of it getting late, but not before I took a video clip of his “concert.” Please enjoy!

Happy Monday!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

He's a natural. Oh, boy!

M'ville said... Best Blogger Tips

Brings back many fond memories. Mr Hurley would say his rudiments need some practice.

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