Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seven Things

1. Riley has been sporting a few new LSU and Saints clothes, just in time for football season. Coincidence? I think not.

IMG_2295 IMG_2277

IMG_2355 IMG_2349


2. Kenny discovered that giraffe’s head tucks quite snugly into the back pocket of Riley’s striped pj pants. So cute.

IMG_2291 IMG_2293

3. One word: eyelashes.


4. I downloaded an iPhone app called “Baby Piano Lite” a couple of months ago for Riley, and it kept him entertained for a few minutes one afternoon last week. Any other app suggestions?

IMG_2311 IMG_2317


5. Jem, it seems, is quite taken with Riley-bean. He always seems to saunter into Riley’s room if we’re up there playing, and he promptly sprawls on the floor, content just to be near the boy. He even tolerates Riley’s wanting to lay on him and head-butt him fairly well. And, he has recently started pawing at Riley’s closed door when we’re in there putting him down for the night. The big orange kitty is such a softie.


6. I was preparing dinner (this soup from Pioneer Woman….delish) on Friday night, and Riley was getting a little annoyed at being ignored, so I gave him the top of a green pepper to chew on. Worked like a charm, and he wanted nothing more to do with the Cheerios on his tray.

DSC_0693 DSC_0694


7. I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of pictures of this child sleeping soundly in his crib.



QP said... Best Blogger Tips

8. Great post!

nola said... Best Blogger Tips

Where is my other couch????????????? Oh, and I loved all seven. Can't wait to see Riley bean...and, of course, you and Kenny, again.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the "Mike the Tiger" t-shirt with Riley's head popping out of the top!

Love, Lizzie

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