Thursday, September 1, 2011

Presents Galore

Riley received so many wonderful gifts for his birthday, which was great. He really needed some new toys to entertain him throughout the day. We opened all of his presents after most of the party attendees had left, when the majority of the people still at the house was family.

With the rest scattered around the perimeter of the room, Riley’s three cousins all crowded around him on the floor, helping him open, showing him how his new stuff worked, and even cleaning up the wrapping paper.



The last gift opened was a special one from Grandma and Grandpa: a big, red Radio Flyer wagon. We immediately put Riley into his new ride and Nicholas toured him around the living room and back patio. Now I’m really ready for the weather to cool off so we can put some miles on those wagon tires!


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Nola and Nopsi decided they wanted to wait to give Riley their presents until the next day, especially since one of them wouldn’t have fit in the living room with everyone on Saturday. They got Riley-bean a swing and a slide, and he loves both. Nopsi hung the swing in the tree right off the side porch, and he set the slide up inside (for now). It didn’t take Riley long to learn how to climb up the slide using his little toes!





I’d say this little boy had a fantastic first birthday. Huge thanks to everyone who helped set up the party, attended the party, brought a gift, or sent birthday wishes from afar. I think Riley-bean certainly knows he is loved!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

It really was a great day. You two have a special kid there. SO stinkin' cute, too.

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