Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pizza Playdate

My friend Reyna, who is pregnant with her second child, came into town last Friday, and Bridget graciously offered up her house for a lunchtime playdate. Since I have a younger kid, I was the last one to arrive, on account of Riley’s still needing a morning nap. Karen, Ashley, and Reyna were already there, and the playroom was being put to good use by the four older kids. Riley hasn’t really grasped the concept of “playing with others” just yet, although Nathan was an exceptionally good sharer and Maddie did her best to make Riley smile.

IMG_2262 IMG_2263 IMG_2266

Once our pizza lunch arrived, though, all playing ceased practically immediately. I had already fed Riley his lunch, so I borrowed Bridget’s booster seat and plopped him on the floor with some Cheerios while the rest of us ate. He was actually content sitting down there for longer than I thought he would be, but the boy sure does love him some O’s.

IMG_2273 IMG_2275

This was but one tiny moment of the day, but how cute are Riley and Hayden???


Thanks, Brig, for having all of us over to play; we had so much fun. And it was so great to see you, Reyna….I can’t wait to meet that new baby girl when she makes her debut in November!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Yep, that picture of RileyBean and Hayden is great. .... what kind of pizza?

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