Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nopsi’s 60th Birthday

Nopsi turned 60 this past Sunday, and we conspired with Nola to drive over to Houston and surprise him. Jeff and Erin came, too, and the five of us left after Kenny got home from work on Friday evening. This was our first experience taking Riley on a trip this long and this late, and I was nervous about how the night would go.

Everything ultimately worked out just fine, but the boy did not fall asleep until 9:30pm and was completely awake when we arrived just before midnight. Wonk. Potatoes.

IMG_0376 IMG_0378

But we put him in his pack-n-play, told him night-night (again), climbed into bed ourselves, and crossed our fingers.

We didn’t hear a peep out of him until 6:45 the next morning. He may be wonky, but he is such a good boy.

Nopsi was completely and utterly surprised to see us the next morning. He actually accidentally walked into the room we were sleeping in at 6:30 Saturday morning and was shocked to see people in the bed! He ran back down the hall and said to Nola, “Do you know there is someone sleeping in our front bedroom????”

Nola ‘fessed up and also told him that Jeff and Erin had come as well and were downstairs sleeping. Needless to say, it wasn’t how we had hoped to reveal our surprise presence, but it does make for a good story. I think Nopsi was really touched we all made the trip, which of course was our goal!

After a leisurely morning, including a pancake breakfast, the girls headed off to shop. I needed to look for shoes for Jackie’s wedding in November, and Erin and Nola had no problem accompanying me to DSW. Then Nola and I had savings cards to use at Loft, and Erin came along willingly. We got back a couple of hours later, with 14 (FOURTEEN!) pairs of shoes and multiple Loft purchases. I’d call our outing quite a success.



While Riley napped, the six of us had a late lunch and then collaborated in the kitchen to prepare the rest of the weekend’s food. Nola couldn’t really do anything in advance so as to not tip Nopsi off, so we pitched in and helped her make lasagna for dinner, breakfast casserole for Sunday morning, and two desserts (Rice Krispie treats and peanut butter cup brownies) for something sweet. Riley woke up and was entertained by the birthday boy while the rest of us cooked. Good times!

DSC_0709 DSC_0712

DSC_0724 DSC_0727 DSC_0725 DSC_0733 DSC_0729 DSC_0735



Nopsi doesn’t eat sweets, so the two dessert items were really for us. We had something else planned for his birthday “cake” the next day, but he did enjoy smelling the ganache that went on top of the peanut butter cup brownies. (Goodness gracious were those things rich and delicious.)


LSU played (and beat!) West Virginia Saturday night, and we ate Nopsi’s lasagna birthday dinner while we watched the game. Riley was in bed at a much more reasonable hour that night, but we did do something special with him before he went down: he had his first bubble bath in Nola and Nopsi’s big tub!


He was very unhappy at first, but that may have been because the water was a tad too hot. All it took to put a smile on his face was Nola blowing bubbles at him.





The best part of this particular bath, though, was the crowd of people around the tub. I wonder what Riley is thinking to himself in this picture…..


Sunday was Nopsi’s actual birthday, and we stuck close to the house all day. Riley had an early breakfast on the kitchen counter, Nopsi played the guitar for him afterwards, and then we all sat down at the table to eat the breakfast casserole we made the day before.


DSC_0813 DSC_0814



After that came presents for the birthday boy, a smorgasbord of options for lunch during the first half of the Saints game (including Nopsi’s cake alternative: a fruit and cheese tray put together by Nola), and then it was already time for us to head home. These trips are definitely worth it, but they sure do go by way too fast.


DSC_0830DSC_0857 DSC_0856


DSC_0862 DSC_0863

Riley did okay on the drive back, even though he didn’t fall asleep until after 4 and only slept for maybe 45 minutes. But he was back in his own bed just one hour past his normal bedtime, and he got to spend a fun weekend with Nola and Nopsi. We all did!


Happy, happy birthday, Nopsi! We hope we gave your 60th year a proper (albeit surprising!) send-off. We were so glad we could spend your day with you; thanks for letting us crash your birthday weekend.

Oh, and a very Happy Anniversary to you and Nola today….37 years! Wow. We love you both!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

I wonder if this when boy will ever cease to be the center of our attention!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh How i wish I were 60 again. Anyway I think it is wonderful for you'all to be with David on his special day. Hugs, Grams

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This is such a fantastic post! I love the picture of all you crazy kids around the bathtub!

It also appears you ate well!

Love and hugs,

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