Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ten Things

1. Riley posing with a few of his new Lego sets that he got for his graduation.

IMG_8527 IMG_8840 IMG_8899

Then Rory wanted to show me his new monorail toy. Which, incidentally, is already broken. #boys


2. Two days after we got back from Disney, I brought the boys to Schiro’s to buy their uniforms for the next school year. Time is flying, y’all.

IMG_8847 IMG_8849

3. Sadly, Riley no longer needs a nap every day. I told him that he would only have to lay down in his bed on days when we are really active in the morning; otherwise, he has to have some quiet time upstairs in his room, either playing Legos or reading books or whatever. One afternoon he was super quiet, so I went up to check on him and found this:


My Sleepy Bean had crawled into his bed, got under the covers, and passed out with the lights still on.

4. Summer means backyard water play, no shirts or pants required, and short haircuts!

IMG_8895 IMG_8891IMG_8903 IMG_8906

5. Look who started coming to Jazzercise with Nola and me!?!


6. Trying to rest my eyes with these two around is virtually impossible. They have no concept of personal space.




7. The Brownies are almost two months old and getting so big. (LPb put them in the onesies I gave them for their 10-week picture!) I stopped by to visit one day last week and got some Emma snuggles in. And both of them flashed their smiles while I was there; so darn cute.



8. Rory and Grandma had their very last Music Together class last week. Riley went with them since he’s out of school, and they even brought Ms. Meryl a present. We have loved this program and are sad it’s over. Thank you, Grandma, for taking the boys for as long as you have!

IMG_9029 IMG_9027IMG_9028 IMG_9026

9. Brothers putting together a really long train and splashing in huge puddles before lunch one day last week.



IMG_9046 IMG_9049


10. Kenny’s 20-year high school reunion was last Saturday night at the Hampton Inn and Suites downtown. The venue was pretty terrible, but it was fun having a night out. And it was great seeing how much some of our friends have changed since high school; some of their senior pictures looked nothing like them today!




Kenny has certainly filled out since his last year at Brother Martin, but I think he looks better than ever. Love you, Baby!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

He is adorbs. How else did your boys get so stinkin' cute? (Besides with your help, of course...)

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