Monday, June 6, 2016

Disney Surprise: Day Three

After a fun but challenging day at Magic Kingdom, we went to Hollywood Studios the next day. We arrived a few minutes before the park officially opened, and when the rope dropped we headed straight to get in line to register Riley for a Jedi Training show.


IMG_8667 IMG_8666

Nicholas, James, and Zac participated in a show when we were there in 2012, and I thought Riley would enjoy doing the same. However, after waiting more than an hour in line (with two whiny boys) and finally getting up to a registration table, Riley refused to sign up. Cast member Ronnie tried his best to convince Riley to do it, but to no avail. I was pissed at first, but then I tried to let it go and realize that it was his decision. So off we went to use our fast passes for Star Tours (twice, since Rory wasn’t tall enough).


IMG_8668 IMG_8671

Meanwhile, Kenny and Rory found a patch of sand across from the jedi training stage, and the little one was perfectly content playing with his digger in it.


Riley purchased a “build your own” droid in the Star Wars gift shop, and then we had to drag Rory away from the sand to move on to another ride. Our next fast passes were for Toy Story Midtown Mania, which none of us had done before. It was so fun!

IMG_8675 IMG_8676

We took a break for lunch after that, at the Starring Rolls Cafe. Their pastrami and ham sandwiches were so good and a nice change from the hamburgers and chicken tenders and fries the kids had been eating. Plus their desserts were amazing! The Darth Vader cupcake was chocolate peanut butter, and the mountainous orange and brown cupcake was Butterfinger. Delish.




Once we were stuffed and couldn’t eat anymore, we walked down Sunset Boulevard and stopped to take a few pics, including one of just me and Kenny. Awww.



I was slightly worried about what we had planned next since we had just eaten, but it turned out to be just fine. Kenny and Rory went off to catch the Disney Junior Live stage show…..




…..while Riley and I used our fast passes for Tower of Terror. Then we immediately got back in line to use our other two. Riley did great, although he said he didn’t ever want to do it again. Ha!





After conquering the tower, we went next door to my favorite ride in Disney: the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. We didn’t have fast passes for this one, so we had to wait about an hour. Riley busied himself with watching Lego videos on my phone. When we finally got inside the building, I was amazed to see both boys’ names on two of the digital posters on the wall. Disney magic at work!



After waiting in line for so long, I was slightly concerned that Riley wouldn’t be tall enough after all to ride, but we had no problems. It was just as awesome as I remember it, and I love that I got to do it with my boy. Rock on!



Next, we met back up with Kenny and Rory outside of the Star Wars theater and waited to see the 12-minute movie, Path of the Jedi. It was a look back at the first 6 movies, with a bit of the newest one thrown in for good measure. Both boys were riveted to the screen the entire time.

IMG_8696 IMG_8698

Then we walked over to the Star Wars Launch Bay area. There were lots of displays of memorabilia from the films, which was really cool to see close up.


IMG_8701 IMG_8702

Then there was that time we met Kylo Ren. I think Riley was a bit afraid; he didn’t really want to look at him until I said it was okay. And talk about not breaking character. Geez. But very cool that we did this.



We left the launch bay and walked back down Hollywood Boulevard toward the front of the park and the exit. Of course we had to stop for more family pictures.




We also had to stop in one of the gift shops so the boys could spend more of their money. Riley picked out a Disney airplane and Rory picked out a Disney big rig and bus. Happy boys!


We left Hollywood Studios and took a bus to Disney Springs. We had reservations at Raglan Road Irish pub for dinner that night, which just so happens to be right around the corner from the Lego store. Beer for Mama and Daddy, then Legos for the boys. Winning all around.

We all had so much fun at dinner. Riley started writing random, silly, nonsense words on the back of his menu and then had me read them aloud, which he thought was hysterical. There was also a wonderful trio performing, and there were Irish dancers that came out a few times on the main stage and on a smaller one right next to our table. Riley even went up on stage and learned an Irish dance with a few other kids. I was so impressed!


IMG_8715 IMG_8727


Riley asked about 100 times during dinner when we were going to the Lego store. It finally came time to go, and I thought he was going to explode from excitement. He designed three unique minifigures and got a pack of Ninjago guys. So happy.


IMG_8732 IMG_8735




We were out way too late but we had a great time. We caught the tail end of another pretty sunset across Lake Buena Vista on our way back to the bus. We finally got back to our room and skipped the boys’ bath in favor of getting them right into bed. Day three, done!




Last Disney recap coming up next!


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