Friday, June 10, 2016

Tap Dancers, Soccer Players, and New Readers

There were two fun events last weekend that I want to tell y’all about. The first was on Friday night: Kate’s first dance revue. Nola and I went together. All the way out to the East. In the rain. Totally worth it though, for our sassy girl!


We stopped at the Kitchen Table for dinner before moving on to the Sigur Center, where the revue was held. We got there about two numbers before Kate’s; it was perfect timing. Her class came onstage in their adorable cowgirl costumes and did a great job. I know I’m biased, but Kate really was the best one in her class!



The boys and I picked up a Frozen balloon and a bouquet of mini pink roses (both Riley’s choice) for Nola and I to give to the dance star afterwards. I think she (and Uncle Jeff) liked her gifts!




I asked Kate to pose for me before Nola and I left and this is what she gave me. Love this girl.



Our second fun event last weekend took place on Saturday morning. I signed the boys up for a free session with Soccer Shots. I told neither of them anything about it until the morning of and I was fully prepared for rebellion and refusal to participate. But it actually went pretty well.



The only negative was the rain. However, it wasn’t bad enough for them to cancel, and the boys didn’t care about getting a little wet. We also were able to get them into the same session, even though I signed them up in their separate age groups. I think it helped that they went together.





They dribbled balls, tried to knock down “volcano” cones, and each got a chance to score a goal.

IMG_8973 IMG_8974


IMG_8990 IMG_8991

They got a sticker at the end of their session and did a team cheer of “Respect!” Soccer Shots seems like a great program, and I wish my boys would agree to sign up for a whole season. Fingers crossed that happens one day. I would really love for them to play my sport.


IMG_8979 IMG_8980


The rain slacked off by the end of their session, so we took them over to the playground at St. Catherine for a bit. Such an impressive structure; Kenny would love to recreate it in our backyard.

Then we took the boys out to lunch at Mooyah. Burger, fries, and shakes all around! Somebody enjoyed both his root beer and his milkshake at the same time.


After lunch we decided to forgo naps and went to the library to sign the boys up for their summer reading program. Riley picked out a bunch of books on his school reading list (plus a few others), and Rory, shockingly, picked out two truck books. Riley and I sat down at one of the tables, and he actually read two whole books to me. I was so proud of him!


It was a fantastic family day, and I’m so proud of my boys for trying something new.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

You and Ken are the best parents ever! What a fabulous post. Your boys are so lucky.

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