Thursday, June 9, 2016

Greek Fest 2016

Two weeks ago, on Memorial Day weekend, the annual New Orleans Greek Fest opened up its gates once again. Dana and I took the kids out early Friday evening. Grandma came too, and Dave and Kenny met us after work. It was a really nice night!


Dana and I left the others around 6:45, though, and headed over to the starting line: we ran the Greek Fest 5K race! It was my very first step toward the Disney half marathon in January. I’m glad Dana pushed me to do the 5K instead of the one mile. I ran/walked the whole thing and came in with a time of just over 43 minutes. That put my pace somewhere around 13 min/mi, which is not too bad for my first go at running.



We walked back over to the festival, got our free beers, and met back up with our families. We did it!


The others went on a canoe ride while we were running, and then the kids insisted on making sand necklaces. They love spending time together. I can’t wait until all four of them are at the same school.



IMG_8859 IMG_8877


IMG_8872 IMG_8862


Kenny, Grandma, and Dave all took the kids home to get them into bed (way past their bedtimes), but Dana and I stayed at the fest and hung out with her sister Lynn. We listened to Greek music, had a gyro and a baklava sundae, and each purchased custom pastry boxes to take home. It was a great night.



Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

YAYY Friend!!! I'm so impressed with you! ~ Jackie

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Opa, indeed! So proud of you, my PC. Can't wait for the Disney run!

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