Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016!

A very Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s a recap of what we were up to on the last day of 2015 and the first day of 2016.

Our friends Michelle and David (and their three boys) decided to come to NOLA for New Year’s Eve, and they stayed with us. Riley was overjoyed to play with Jackson again; those two have really missed each other since they last spent time together at the beach in September.

All 9 of us went to Brian and Bridget’s annual NYE house party that evening. The kids had a great time playing inside and out, and the adults enjoyed socializing. Rory wasn’t too sure about the super loud noises the guys were making in the street, though; he kept pointing to the front door and saying, “Inside, Daddy, I wan go inside!”






Before we knew it, midnight was upon us. Riley had no desire to be outside, but Kenny, Rory, and I joined everyone else out front to count down to the New Year and watch the neighborhood firework shows.






However, the show originating at the corner of Brian and Bridget’s street was so intense that a fire actually broke out and a fire truck showed up to take care of it. Crazy, but the kids loved watching the firefighters in action!


Bedtime was after 1am but most of the kids were up at 7. Ugh. (Rory did sleep until 9, though.) After much debate among the four adults, we all decided to forgo naps and power through New Year’s Day, heading out to get lunch at Dat Dog and then to the zoo.





It was surprisingly cold so we didn’t see many animals at the zoo, but all of the kids did really great. They had so much fun spending the afternoon together, and I’m so glad we got the extra time with Miche and David. We don’t see them nearly enough.




We hope everyone had as good a New Year’s as we did!


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

I want that red and white scarf.

Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, and what a fun post. The picture of you girls brought a little tear........and Piano Man in my head. SO glad you 4 have stayed close all these years.

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