Monday, October 5, 2015

Video Monday: Sunday Night Dance Parties

We are still going over to Nola and Nopsi’s for dinner on Sunday nights, and we have a new tradition. Nopsi made a special playlist on his iPad so the kids can have a fun little dance party before we head home.

The songs currently on the list are “Honey I’m Good,” “Sugar,” “Stuck Like Glue,” and “Purple People Eater.” Love the variety.

Please enjoy the three cousins dancing around like the silly kids they are. Also please note that no one was hurt in the recording of this video.

Happy Monday!


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

I beg to differ.........Rory bought the farm at the end of it. And of course, Uptown Funk is included in the playlist! Such fun. Thank GOD my floor was clean..........

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