Thursday, October 1, 2015

City Park Night

Last Friday was City Park Night for Riley’s school. It was our third year attending this event, and it was once again a really great night. Plus, I got to take Riley for his first ride on the Ladybug rollercoaster. (It finally reopened at the end of February after being damaged in Hurricane Katrina.) So much fun, especially since I remember riding the original Ladybug when I was little.


IMG_2962 IMG_2967IMG_2974 IMG_2964

Riley spent most of the night running around with Claire, Sophia, and Kolston, but we also saw Matthew, Connor, Cole, Angelinne, and Samuel. The kids were super hyped up and so excited to be together outside of school.


IMG_2977 IMG_2998


IMG_3005 IMG_2994


IMG_3040 IMG_2978


Rory had lots of fun, too, even though he was too little to ride the really fun stuff. But he loved going on the slide with Kenny, as well as riding in a Jeep and on the carousel.



Both boys ran themselves ragged that night, and they didn’t get into bed until almost 11pm. However, there was lots more fun to be had the rest of the weekend!


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