Saturday, February 14, 2015

Twenty-Three Months {Rory}

I cannot believe Rory turns 2 next month. Cah-razy.

He currently weighs 28.6 pounds and stands 32.75 inches tall. He mostly wears 24-month or 2T size clothes, a size 5 diaper, and a size 7 shoe.

Here’s what I want to remember about this past month:

  • His eating habits have been pretty good this month. He still doesn’t like to try new things but he’s eating well. He especially loves meats and fruits.
  • He now gets four M&Ms if he eats a good dinner, and he runs right over to the jar when I get him down from his chair. What have I started???
  • He is sleeping a bit later in the mornings than he was, meaning at least until 6am. Loving this. He also naps well in the afternoons, usually for at least 2 hours.
  • He still takes a paci for nap and at night. There are three in his crib, and he finds the extras as soon as I lay him down. Then he rubs them over his eyelids. So strange yet so cute.
  • He still loves his tiger lovey and is now very attached to his blanket as well. Just like his big brother!
  • He blows kisses whenever asked, is getting better at giving hugs, and is such a sweet boy.
  • He has started chewing on his shirts, which is interesting. I wonder if more teeth are coming in.
  • He loves big trucks and is great at spotting them when we’re out and about.
  • He is going to be my problem child with listening. He’s not great at doing what I tell him to do, like not standing on the couch or driving trucks on the walls or hitting. Wish me luck.
  • He loves getting into Riley’s Legos and strewing them all over the room.
  • He is so vocal and “talks” constantly but he’s still not talking. It’s like the words are right there but he just can’t figure out how to say them.

Twenty-three months old!


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