Monday, February 9, 2015

Kenny’s Birthday Weekend

Kenny turned 37 last Friday, so the boys and I stopped by Gambino’s Bakery on the way home from school to pick up a special treat for the birthday boy. As soon as I got out of the car my nose was assaulted by a glorious wave of sugar. We got six caramel doberge petit fours and one giant chocolate chip cookie sandwich with Mardi Gras colored icing on top. Riley was beyond excited.

Grandma came over that afternoon to stay with the boys while Kenny and I went out. After the boys ate dinner, we surprised Kenny with his treats, sang “Happy Birthday” to him, and dug into the sugary goodness. Riley took three bites of the giant cookie and said he was done. Rory ended up eating more of it than he did!


Kenny and I tried out a new beer and burger restaurant, Junction, on St. Claude Avenue for dinner. Lizzie and Doug were there waiting for us when we arrived, surprising Kenny. Dinner was good, but I don’t need to go back.

After Junction, I suggested we go over to the Avenue Pub on St. Charles for a few more rounds. Greg and Jeff showed up shortly after we did, surprising Kenny again. It was a great night; I think the birthday boy enjoyed himself.


We spent the next day at the farm, with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jeff, Kate, Uncle Steve, and Zac. It was a very pretty day and not too cold. The kids had a blast playing outside all day long.




DSC_6132 DSC_6134


IMG_20150131_123455695 DSC_6139




We even helped Grandpa feed the cows while we were there. We hung out in the pasture with them for a long time, loving the weather, spreading hay around, launching toy rockets, and playing with the neighbor’s dogs.




IMG_20150131_104813794 IMG_20150131_135607359


20150131_140849 IMG_20150131_140636782




We also celebrated Kenny’s birthday with a kingcake, but I do not have any pictures of that. I do, however, have pictures of the little one enjoying a blue sucker. Staining his tongue, lips, and hands blue in the process and dripping lots of blue drool down the front of his shirt.

IMG_9168 IMG_9163IMG_9164 IMG_9161

It was a really great day. Very laidback and relaxing; just what everyone needed before the craziness of Mardi Gras season got started. And I’m really glad Uncle Jeff and Kate were able to come…..we scored this fantastic picture of the three cousins sitting on the hay trailer with some cows in the background. LOVE. IT.


And guess who took it? The birthday boy himself.


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Great post. Great pictures.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

So much fun!! Happy birthday Ken!! ~Jackie

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