Friday, February 27, 2015

First Signs of Spring

Even though it is super cold here right now, little glimpses of spring are starting to emerge. These Japanese magnolia trees are all over our neighborhood. I love their flowers.


Rory and I went for a walk on a tolerably cool day a couple of weeks ago. The sun was out and the sky was a beautiful blue. We were on our way back when I spotted an empty lot filled with purple flowers behind the levee.


True, the flowers were really weeds, but I thought they were pretty just the same. Especially since there were so many of them all bunched together.


I plopped Rory down into a big patch of flowers, squatted down to his level, and started snapping away with my phone.


It wasn’t until we got back home and I had a chance to look through my camera roll that I found this gem. I call it “Deep Thoughts, by Rory.” It’s definitely my favorite of the day.


Although this one of him pointing to an airplane taking off right over us is a close second. Love those dimples.


The temperatures have been in the 40s here all week long and quite dreary. But guess what? It’s going to be in the 70s next week. Shocking, I know.


The sun finally peeked through the clouds yesterday afternoon to give us a taste of the warmer weather to come (even though it was still 53 outside.). And what a show of clouds it was. The sky looked so cool on our way home from school that I had to stop and snap a picture. Riley called this “the blue crack.”


I also captured this beauty on our own Japanese magnolia tree in the backyard. She’s a late bloomer, but she’s still pretty.


The promise of warmer weather is sure to bring even more signs of spring. Which is good because I think I’m just about done with winter.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh yes, THOSE DIMPLES!! Just so precious! ~Jackie

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