Friday, November 18, 2011

Six Things, Wedding Edition (Part Two)

Let part two of my special wedding edition “Things” list commence!

1. Traditional Moments: Even though Jackie and Pat’s wedding reception wasn’t quite what us southerners were used to (hello, sit-down dinner), they did go through some familiar wedding motions throughout the night. There was the bride and groom’s first dance:

389906_10150369553166338_582996337_8668247_2096460816_n 315572_10150376493348141_689958140_8517540_487795527_n

Toasts from the best man Joey and matron of honor Kristina:

IMG_3471 IMG_3475

Dances with the father of the bride (including a snippet of “Hit the Road Jack” after their official song….loved that!) and the mother of the groom:

IMG_3512 IMG_3515

And, of course, there was the cutting and tasting of the wedding cake:


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There was no wedding party dance, groom’s cake, bouquet toss, or garter throw, but I don’t think anyone missed them!

2. Northern Customs: A few times throughout the night, I was surprised to discover a few customs that are common in northern wedding celebrations. These included the presentation of the bridal party before dinner, the bride and groom having to kiss every time someone clinked their glass during dinner (I kept waiting for someone to stand up and toast them!), and a sweet re-do of their first dance at the end of the night (with everyone who was still there circled up around them).

598539287310 IMG_3491


3. Sweet Treats: The wedding cake was delicious, and looked all the better because of the topper: a custom-made bobble-head figure of Jackie and Pat, complete with the bride’s sparkly wedding shoes!

IMG_3482 IMG_3484

Other sweet treats throughout the night included chocolate liquor shots (Oh. My.), a candy bar put together by the bride and groom as a favor to their guests, and, last but not least, a special birthday cake for moi! Jackie got married on my birthday and decided she had to take time out to recognize the other (less important) significance of the day. Thanks so much, Jackie!

IMG_3545 IMG_3555

IMG_3541 IMG_3544


4. Random Captures: Pat gave all of his guys watches and sunglasses, and his two ushers took it upon themselves to play the role of security all night, sunglasses practically permanently in place over their eyes. Too funny.


The bridal party was brought to a quaint little upstairs room before we were presented downstairs. There was food, drink, and really big red chairs. We warmed up, bustled Jackie’s dress, breathed a sigh of relief that the hard part was over, and prepared ourselves to party!


IMG_3444 IMG_3447

At one point during dinner, Francie serenaded Kenny and me, using her knife as a microphone. It was a special moment.


There were two cute kiddos in attendance (that’s Jackie’s nephew Desmond on the left), and they both made me miss my Riley-bean!

IMG_3507 IMG_3527

5. Reception Snapshots: Everyone looked mighty snazzy all dressed up. The room was full of beautiful people eating, drinking, and having a good time.




6. Gettin’ Down: Once the dinner was over, the official dances danced, and the cake(s) cut, the party really got started. The DJ played so many great songs…older ones, newer ones, and of course a line dance or two thrown in for good measure. There were always people out on the dance floor until they made us leave, and boy, did we have some fun shaking what we got.




The weekend was a crazy fun, exhausting, and beautiful couple of days. I am so lucky to have been a part of this time in Jackie and Pat’s life, and it was an honor to stand up there while they became husband and wife, as well as celebrate with them afterwards.


Kenny and I wish you two nothing but the best, and we thank you sincerely for putting on one heck of a wedding.  Congratulations!


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my GOD, this is a heck of a posting.........SO much fun captured through your words and pictures. I am SO glad I was there.

Uh, can we get back to RILEY now?

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my friend WE were the ones honored to have you! I love the way you captured everything & the descriptions-such a fun post! (But, yeah I'll give it to Nola, Riley has been slightly neglected...sorry Bean!!) Thank you again for everything, so happy you all were there with us!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful wedding It really looks like youa'll had a wonderful time. YES now les go back to doings and antics of our Riley bean Hugs, Grams

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Courtney, you looked BEAUTIFUL! Really liked your hair. Lynne

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