Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hula Ball

This past Saturday was the annual fall Hula Ball tournament, held at Jeff and Erin’s house. While tailgating for LSU football one afternoon a couple of years ago (and under the influence of a few adult beverages), the game of Hula Ball was created. Here’s how to play:

The concept is simple: lay the hula hoops on the ground about 30 ft apart. Two people compete, with each person standing behind their hula hoop. The object is to throw a football so that it hits the ground inside your opponent's hula hoop without touching the sides. Do this and you get a point. First one to 10 wins.

There are a few more rules and regulations, but that is the basic idea. Since the birth of the game there have been 3 tournaments held. This one was the fourth, on an absolutely glorious Louisiana fall day. And, since the event was so close to Halloween, everyone was encouraged to wear a costume.



Kenny and I stopped by with the boy for a few hours, but we sadly were not able to participate in the actual game on account of Riley. And none of us came in costume, either. But we had a great time watching everyone else, chasing Riley around the backyard, and indulging in the delicious spread that Erin and Jeff put together.


However, most people did show up in costume, and there were some great ones, including the Jeff and Erin’s couples’ costume of “Deer in Headlights,” Brad and Stephanie’s “Charlie Sheen and his goddess,” and Keegan’s portrayal of “Mayhem” from the Allstate commercials. He even stayed in character most of the day, running everywhere he went and carrying around tiny little pink weights. Riley was fascinated with Keegan most of the day, which was so cute.



IMG_3054 IMG_3075


Riley had such a good time that we ended up skipping his second nap and staying until after 5 o’clock. It was just too much fun for him, playing with the hula hoops, running after the dog, and chewing on Mayhem’s weights, to go to sleep instead.

IMG_3047 IMG_3063




Thanks, Jeff and Erin, for hosting such a fabulous event; we can’t wait for the Spring Hula Ball tournament!


NOLA said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks like SUCH fun. Sorry we missed it!

Uncle Jeff said... Best Blogger Tips

You will just have to come to the Spring 2012 tournament in April. The more the merrier!

And FYI, Erin made ALL of the food. I was in charge of getting everything ready outside.

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