Friday, March 21, 2014

Two Boys at Touch-a-Truck

The second annual Touch-a-Truck event put on by the New Orleans Junior League was last Saturday at Zephyr Field. It was so crazy to remember being hugely pregnant for this last year and thinking to myself, “I’ll have two boys to bring next year.” And here we are.


I was just a little bit stressed from party preparation and really bummed that this was held on the same weekend as Rory’s birthday. However, we decided to put the cleaning and cooking and decorating on hold for a couple of hours and take the boys out to see some trucks.




There was lots more space than last year at the Lakefront Airport, but I thought everything was actually a bit too spread out. However, there was plenty to see. We started towards the back, slowly worked our way to the front, and then went to the back again.

DSC_0742 DSC_0744


We got off to a fairly rocky start, with Riley melting down SIMPLY BECAUSE I SAT HIM ON THE FRONT OF THE FIRE TRUCK FOR A PICTURE. And he apparently didn’t want to see the fire truck. So of course that warranted sobs. I snapped three pictures of his rapid progression from okay to not so much to complete meltdown.




We got past that little incident, but things were still a little touch and go with the wonk potatoes. He really didn’t like all of the horns and sirens going off all over the place, complaining that they were too loud. I tried to make him understand that we were there for him since he is so in love with all things trucks, but I shouldn’t have even attempted to reason with a three and a half year old.


We regrouped, had something to eat, and then let Riley take the lead, going where he wanted to go. He seemed to get more into things after that, going from the cement mixer to the crane truck to the go-kart to the huge stretch Hummer limo.


DSC_0783 DSC_0790


But Riley’s and my favorite truck was the huge purple dump truck. It was massive.




If we decide to go next year, I’m hoping we can get out there earlier. That may have been part of the problem, which frustrated me so much since I thought for sure Riley would LOVE being there surrounded by such cool trucks. But like I said, there’s just no reasoning with a three and a half year old.

Then again, everyone has their off days. I more than anyone understand that.

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


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