Monday, February 10, 2014

Video Monday: Stair Master

Rory finally discovered the stairs a couple of weeks ago. At first he would just lean on the first couple and not really do much more.


But then he got brave and started climbing up one or two, being sure to look back and reassure himself I was still there.


Shortly after that, though, he was off. He mastered climbing all the way to the top in no time at all.


We’re also teaching him how to slide back down the stairs on his belly, just like we did with Riley. He’s getting it okay, although he does still like to stop and sit on a stair.


So I can now no longer walk into another room to do something without the risk of him heading right to the stairs. So Kenny took two of our couch cushions and put them at the bottom of them, which actually deters Rory quite well. It’s almost as if he doesn’t realize the stairs are under the pillows.


Fooled ya, kiddo!

Here’s a little video of his newfound skill; please enjoy.

Happy Monday!


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